Working Capital Infrastructure for B2B Payments

Seamlessly embed cashflow tools in any B2B payment flow

Empower users & their trading partners with frictionless cashflow tools

Accelerate Receivables

Enable users to get paid immediately

Defer Payables

Extend payment terms up to 90 days

Enable Smoother Cashflow

Collapse the Cashflow Conversion Cycle

We provide the complete API-powered
credit stack

You deliver the user experience that fits seamlessly into your payment flows

Invoicing & Bill Pay
Spend Management
Payment Infrastructure Providers

Customize and embed
working capital tools in
any B2B payment flow


Platform passes data to OatFi


OatFi provides an instant credit decision


User reviews and accepts offer


Funding provided and visible on your dashboard

Scale Revenues with Total Payments Volume

Increase transactional revenues with risk-free cashflow tools. You build the product,
Oatfi handles the underwriting, funding, servicing, collections & capital markets

Monetize payments
through lending

High margin lending products increase users LTVs.

Zero Added

Offer credit products without owning the credit risk.

100% Gross Margin
Revenue Channel

Export the responsibilities included in managing your own credit stack.